17th July 2020 HIGH ON LIFE – LOVE DAY at ADILA

TANTRAFESTIVAL 2020 is postponed

Due to the Covid-19 situation in the country, we are forced to cancel this year’s festival. This decision did not come easily. We considered different options, but today we can see that we are not able to offer you that kind of festival what we would like to give it to you. Also, we care a lot about our guests.

We set the dates for next year’s festival, which is 15 – 18.07.2021

Anyone who has purchased the festival pass for this year’s festival can participate in next year’s event with the same ticket. Also, all the accommodation tickets are valid for next year’s festival.

If you really would like to get your money back, then please contact us on email info@highonlifefestival.com and we send you further instructions.

Next year tickets are already available here: https://highonlifefestival.com/

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About High On Life Festival

The Art of Love

Estonia is a unique place in Europe where a real connection with nature is still possible. The air and water here are clean and can still be drunk from the source. The forests are mystical, and people have retained the skill to naturally communicate with and call upon fairies and spirits of the woods. Living in harmony with nature has given balance to the people here.

In July 2020, the beautiful Adila Retreat Center will be transformed into a vibrant festival, celebrating the best of Tantra and free natural living. Our carefully selected teachers from Estonia and around the world will look after you during this period.

Join us for an incredible 4 – days of self-exploration in the wild Estonian countryside!

Am I welcome?

It doesn’t matter if you have experience with Tantra or not. This festival is suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. Come with an open mind and the willingness to face yourself and others honestly.

You can come together with a partner or alone as a single. All sexual orientations and preferences are warmly welcome as long as you are 18 years old or above.

A group of wonderful people will surround you in beautiful Estonian nature with tasty local vegetarian food. You will also find some of the best Local and International Facilitators, Musicians, DJs, and Healing Teams. Most important – they are all here to support you!

Discover with us stories and places you would never stumble across on your own. During your 4-day experience, you will be creating more intimacy in yourself, with life, and in your relationships.

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Teachers, healers

Information will be updated.


Information will be updated.

Program of the Festival

Festival provides workshops to connect with yourself, surroundings, nature and beloveds. Various levels of workshops, lectures, meditations and also bodywork sessions are guiding you to find balance, clearance within. Our carefully selected teachers from Estonia and around the world will offer their gifts and look after you.