·         Tent and sleeping gear if you did not purchase a room accommodation
·         A Yoga mat, which can also be used on grass
·         Small blanket for chilly weather and pillow for sitting
·         Towels for shower, swimming, and sauna
·         Musical instruments if you play any to be used freely during the breaks
·         Swimsuit and natural sunscreen
·         Mosquito repellent
·         Your own washable dishware if possible to save nature and produce the least possible waste!
·         Enough cash for the remaining cost of Festival pass, for Bazaar (organized on Thursday with sellers of clothes, jewelry, organic foods, etc) and Snack Bar (raw cakes, smoothies, raw candies, and snacks) – the closest ATM is 20 km away!
·         Sarong, blindfold and massage oil for workshops
·         Comfortable clothing and shoes, but also some sexy outfits for the evening celebrations
·         Also, since we cannot predict the weather, please bring warm clothing and rain resistant ones with you as well (just in case!)



  • no pets are permitted on the festival grounds.
  • no smoking, drugs, or alcohol of any kind are permitted on the festival grounds at any time.
  • no arms or firearms are permitted on the festival grounds at any time.