The flights can be booked for example here:

If you are flying in from outside of Estonia, the best arrival Airport is Tallinn, the capital. It would be great if you arrive latest by 14.00 on the 16th of July. On earlier arrival, we recommend you to take a taxi from the Tallinn airport to your accommodation place. Tallinn airport is very close to the city centre (10 minute drive), so the cost of taxi will be only between 6-10€ to the city centre where the hotels are (you can pay with a card in all taxis from Airport). we recommend to use Bolt or Uber application.

On the 16th of July you will be transported to the festival site by bus which is organised by us for a small fee 10€ (to be paid in cash). We will arrange for you to be picked up  from  airport  but for that please let us know  HERE

The bus timetable is below
tallinn Airport bus stop is here

16.07.2019 15:30 Tallinn Airport
21.07.2019 17:00 Adila Camp

On Sunday, the 21st of July you will also get back to Tallinn by bus by around 16.00, so please plan your flight accordingly. Following this schedule you will be fine.
Of course, if you wish to stay around for a bit longer and check out Tallinn and Estonia in general, you are really welcome to do so. You can find more information here:

Car sharing can be arranged by the participants via the FB page. Don’t hesitate to ask! Until deeply connecting in Estonia! For local participants – the distance from Tallinn to Tantra Festival Venue is 45 km. While the most convenient means of reaching the Festival is by car, we strongly recommend that those who are able please cooperate and carpool together. If you are looking for a shared ride in a car or have a space to offer, please make an announcement on the Tantra Festival Facebook event´s page, giving your name, place, time of departure and your phone number. Sharing rides and costs will help more people solve their transportation needs! On your way back you can use the same path or simply hitch a ride.
If you don´t have a Facebook account then you can write your travel needs HERE