Here’s a little reminder for the ticket owner.

IV High on Life Festival takes place on 16 – 21 of July 2019 in the Adila Camp

You can come to High on Life Festival with festival pass, youngster’s pass, 3-day pass (Thu,Wed, Thur or Fri, Sut, Sun) day pass.

Where and how can I change my pass for a wristband?

  • All the festival and day passes are exchanged for wristbands at the festival gates. Day pass is exchanged only on the date marked on the pass.   
  • Youngster’s pass, intended for aged 18 – 21 years (included), is exchanged for a wristband upon presenting proof of age and student status..
  • Day pass is exchanged for a wristband only on the festival day marked on the pass.

Do I have to print my tickets?

If you have a PDF ticket, then please don’t print it. Save the environment and keep your tickets in your smart device.

Festival ticket prices until the end of the festival.

3-day tickets are valid on the dates indicated on the ticket.
According to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or Friday, Sunday and Saturday

Ticket prices until the end of the festival.

Festival pass-, day pass, 3- day pass and 1-day ticket owners can get in showing the wristbands.
3- day pass ticket what is valid on Fry, Sat, Sun we ask kindly to take with you.

Tickets are valid on one of the freely chosen days. The day ticket is valid only for the workshops.
Day tickets don´t include food.

Terms & conditions of service


When buying a ticket I agree to the following terms and conditions of service.


  • I do not have any physical or mental illness which could interfere with my participation in the activities of the festival.
  • I am aware that I am not allowed to take ANY kind of drugs or any alcohol in the premises of the Festival.
  • Buying the ticket I remove any responsibility from the organization for any physical or emotional incident which may occur to me during the Festival.
  • I understand that my bedroom/living room preference will be taken into consideration, but that beds within apartments are allocated on a first comes, first served basis.
  • I agree not to take ANY pictures or film during the workshops and meditations without prior written agreement from the organizers.
  • I am aware that during the festival there will be pictures taken and video recorded, only in certain activities and always with the option of joining in or not, and only for internal use and promotion of future festivals.

The Organization of the Festival reserves the right to change the prices, the program, the list of Teachers, Musicians and Healers invited without prior notice, according to possible external circumstances beyond our control. Under no circumstance can any change to the above-mentioned elements lead to any compensation from the Festival.

Leasing information & conditions