Whitedove & Krista

Whitedove & Krista

Whitedove & Krista

    Whitedove (UK)

    Walking with angels and healing forces since childhood. His journey has been extremely varied and mysterious and took him to many places all over the world. Has studied and practiced Tantra, Yoga, Kabbalah and many other forms of healing activities over last 30 years; he is a multi instrumentalist playing sitar, guitar, drums, master of tibetan singing bowls & gongs.

    Whitedoves passion for sound and music started as sound engineer-programmer for many artists in Uk and London which lead him to open his own Healing Arts Center ‘Rainbow Visions’ in heart of London.

    Last 8 years Whitedove lived and worked in Asia guiding workshops, performing and offering healing session.

    Other services available: Tarot / Oracle Cards Reading, Shamanistic healings and Reiki Master

    Krista Köster

    Movement and dance are very essential part of me, something instinctive and most natural way to express myself. I believe that movement is medicine.

    I have been active as choreographer, dancer and dance teacher for most of my life, trained in various dance styles including ballet, jazz, contemporary, street dance, contact improvisation and worked with many companies and theatres, Vaba Lava, Kanuti Gildi Saal, NO99, Goltsman Ballet, Kumu and more

    2014 i travelled to India to follow my call for yoga and spiritual practices. Since then India become my second home, i have been travelling back every year to learn, share and grow.

    Recently my focus is in natural movement and finding the ecstatic trance state that can be achieved through movement when you let go and be free…

    In my classes i combine different techniques and forms i have been practicing in my life, from dance to martial arts, from still meditations to very dynamic ones.