Suri & Gyan

Suri & Gyan

Suri & Gyan


    Since 2003, Gyanmurti has studied and applied teachings from various Yoga schools and traditions from around the world. This has given him a deep understanding of Therapeutic Yoga, Tantra and metaphysical studies.

    For a period of 4 months he lived in a yogic environment isolated from external influences. During this time he practiced a wide range of Yogic techniques and theory.

    He continued at the Bihar School of Yoga, India to deepen his understanding of yogic science in its fullness with a focus on integrating Yogic principles into daily life.

    He went deeper further with his studies at SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana) in South India, a Yoga University, Yoga hospital and Yoga research centre.

    Knowledge and understanding of different styles of Yoga, Anatomy, therapeutic approaches, tantric approaches and psychology have been an integral part of his studies.

    Long Vipassana and Zen Meditation retreats have developed an equanimous and calm mind. This experience has made him a wonderful and inspiring Yoga teacher.

    Swami Sivananda, Swami Vivekananda and Swami Vishnu Devananda have been strong influences on Gyanmurti’s path. He was profoundly touched by serving in Amma’s Ashram, South India.


    Suryia is an a author of the book Blossoming into Bliss and producer of the Sacred Yoni Massage online program. She is an experienced Yoga teacher and practitioner, body worker, and Tantra Instructor. As a Yoga Therapy consultant, she has the experience to help people find inner peace and healing.

    In her native Germany, Suriya studied natural and traditional healing methods, including homeopathy, iridology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, Shiatsu, process-oriented psychology, and reflexology.
    She has developed a spiritually grounded foundation in healing and yogic knowledge through her training in a Tantric community in Thailand. Her teacher’s profound expertise in Tantra Yoga and Kashmiri Shaivism has guided her to substantially deepen her practice and knowledge.

    Suriya’s studies of Tantra and various healing modalities over the years have helped her to become a more balanced and fulfilled woman. In addition, her specialty in women’s healing work has supported her in unveiling the layers of her own femininity. Her personal work has allowed her to develop a deeper acceptance of herself, which she guides others to realize as well. She recognizes her clients where they are at in their own personal journey and leads them to a better world of deep spiritual transformation, healing, and self-discovery.
    Suriya is guided in her work by her vision of the body as an integrated whole which expresses its need for rebalancing in the ailments presenting themselves at any given moment in time. By focusing on this intensely personal expression of each person, she gives space for an authentic healing experience to take place.

    Suriya and Gyanmurti