Peep Õunapuu

Peep Õunapuu

Peep Õunapuu

Peep Õunapuu is a practitioner of Tantra, one of the founders of the High on Life Tantra festival and its main organiser already for the fourth year.

‘Having been on a conscious path for a long time and participating in many Tantra trainings, I have found an enormous potential in Tantra in becoming a better version of myself. As a natural consequence, I ended up organising more and more Tantra events and living a Tantra lifestyle on a daily basis. As if by chance, I ended up meeting world-renowned Tantra teachers and musicians who encouraged me to organise courses and concerts. I also discovered my passion for doing body work therapies. It became one of my main jobs, and I work professionally in this field to this day. During private sessions, I do body-balancing, myofascial energetic release and release of body blockages, Tantra massage, and energy work. By working as a body work therapist and having organised tantric events for nearly eight years, I have found my calling and learnt a lot about myself and everything that surrounds me.’

Peep organises courses and brings renowned Tantra teachers to Estonia to introduce a harmonious way of thinking that can help people and our living environment. The courses are meant for everyone: people attending the event alone as well as couples, men and women, beginners and experienced.

In addition to weekly men’s courses aimed at raising men’s awareness, Peep organises lectures on sexuality and relationships and workshops, which have brought thousands of participants to a deeper understanding of themselves and helped raise their quality of life.

Peep is the creator and organiser of the popular TantraDate event, through which many people have discovered Tantra in their lives and found a deeper connection with themselves or even a partner.

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