Julia Akacia

Julia Akacia

Julia Akacia

    Julia is a tantric practicioner, Breathwork facilitator and Tantra Yoga teacher, living and teaching the art of love.

    She has been traveling the world for over ten years, living in different cultures and communities, experiencing many different spiritual traditions and teaching the lifestyle of Tantra, recognizing that this ancient path in its many beautiful forms and practices opens our whole being to the deep love that is within us at all times, and ultimately leads to the realization of love as the core and fabric of the human Self.

    Tantra is being truly understood when the division of sexual and non-sexual falls away and we are experiencing love, bliss and ecstasy as our true nature.

    Julia is deeply passionate about the Tantric lifestyle as a path of truth and self-exploration, empowering ourselves to live the fullest and most magical life possible and open our hearts to the infinite love that is within.

    Being initiated by Sri Amrithananda Natha of Devipuram in Andhra Pradesh, South India, Julia is trained in Classical Indian Tantra and specializes in performing authentic tantric rituals and ceremonies that enable  the individual to come in contact with and realize the Divine Self and Divine love within, in form of the Goddess herself.


    Kalavahana private Ceremonies are Julia’s special offering to this festival and can be booked on her website kaliroseyoga.com or Fb.com/kaliroseyoga ♥️

    Tantric ceremonies are beautiful rituals that energize and heal the body, mind and soul. By invoking Divine cosmic energy into the body, the physical being is purified, balanced and energized, which creates healing in all aspects of life. I am offering Kalavahana, a powerful healing ritual from the Sri Vidya tradition, to women and men.

    In Kalavahana, by chanting Sanskrit mantras and applying them to the appropriate parts of the body with energized touch, the body becomes a vessel for the Divine light. We invoke the three celestial lights of Fire, Sun and Moon into the body, as well as the five elements and the forces that rule them. Through the rituals, these forces are balanced and enhanced in the body, creating healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and energetic. The recipient is then seen as the embodiment of the Goddess and receives the same worship as a deity in a temple. As our body is the perfect representation of the Sri Yantra, it is worshipped as in Sri Chakra Puja and the same activation of cosmic energy takes place in the body temple of the person. By seeing and worshipping the highest aspect of a human being, the Divine Self, a powerful transfiguration takes place.

    This beautiful Kalavahana ceremony purifies the channels of the human energy system, awakens the forces of Kundalini Shakti and creates feelings of joy, sacredness and bliss. Physical health and vitality are restored and enhanced to an overall state of wellbeing and harmony. The ceremony can assist with sexual healing as it works with an energy of adoration and respect for the sacred feminine and the integrated masculine. At the same time, it can open the mind to a powerful shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening.

    The ceremony can be done nude or fully clothed, and can be combined with a relaxing massage. This empowering ritual is a wonderful way to nurture and love yourself and to feel the Divinity that you embody as well as the Divine wisdom and beauty that is within you.



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