Arja & Ruben

Arja & Ruben

Arja & Ruben

    Arja Hendrikx facilitates workshops and retreats all over theworld and has seen hundreds of people transform in front of her eyes. More than 7 years she’s been travelling the world, to expl ore different cultural traditions and branches of yoga, in search for authentic spirituality. Since the last decade she dedicated her life to the tantric path Under the

    umbrella of tantric yoga and meditation she longs for the elevation of consciousness and revelation of the Spiritual Heart. During her journey, Arja has studied with different teachers around the world.

    After years of study, she went through intensive and comprehensive Tantra instructor training. Arja shares her passion and enthusiasm for the tantric path and sacredness of sexuality while holding a safe space for people to open up, explore and dive deeper into the intimacy of the Heart. Her journey on the Tantric path has brought tremendous

    transformations on different levels of her being, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally while fully embracing the tantric lifestyle. The knowledge of Arja is firmly based in the classical

    tantric teachings of India and Tibet, mixed with modern teachings of sexology.

    Creative, energetic and passionate, Ruben Fabra has touched the lives of those who crossed paths with him during his journey of discovery and exploration in the Yoga traditions.

    Originally from mediterranean Spain, Ruben has dedicated the past ten years of his life to travel the world studying and training with many masters invarious disciplines in the search for true freedom and the awakening of spiritual consciousness. Ruben lived for five years in India, studying Yoga and Meditation, diving in the Tantric tradition andexploring Bio Dynamic Massage. For the past two years Ruben has set his roots on the island of Koh Phangan Thailand and has been facilitating The Wild Man program as well as assisting and facilitating Tantra workshops and men’s circles. Among Ruben’s offerings waterflow massage sessions are at the top. Using the water element as a support and allowing individuals to experience their own tantric-shamanic meditative journey. Ruben’s passion for growing and positiveness are contagious and his company is an appreciation for the good things around us and a celebration of life itself.