Olga Vesna

Olga Vesna

Olga Vesna

Tantra teacher, experienced therapist, master of tender living. Founder Of The School Of Inspiration. And projects InLoveTantra, Tantra-Pleasure and FreedomTantra.

The author of the popular training For women self-Love and Wings for Muse. Experience more than 15 years.

All training programs of Olga are based and verified on personal experience and confirmed by scientific researchers and results of women and men from 12 countries of the world.

She Helps to discover the taste of life and enjoy it, to Connect with sexual and vital energy, strength and freedom.

From a conversation with Olga: “as a psychologist, therapist and tantric, studying the Eastern energy practices of healing and bodywork, as well as psychology and knowledge of personal growth, I am looking for ways in which a person can achieve a breakthrough in his life)

I have been studying this for more than 15 years, in the world’s best recognized schools and masters: Prem Sambavo, Italy; in Osho Leela Love Mystery School, hare Prem, India; in Wild Tantra Kaula heart; studied the art of meditation, body therapy and bioenergy at the school of Scuola Osho Divine Healing Arts (Italy);studied the art of Tantra at the school of Tantraskydancing in France at Margo Anand; she practiced and studied the art of meditation at the Osho International Meditation Resort. Pune, India.

I use the tools of psychology, arrangement and art of Tantra, which brings tremendous changes in people’s lives. I changed my own life through it. There have been many wounds and pains in my life, and now I offer my support to change people’s lives, to turn to the light, to return the taste of life and freedom.

You know, when I see, after just a few days of training, how much light, gratitude, warmth, energy and drive, appears in the eyes of the participants, it gives me strength and inspiration to share more and more.