Sandra Pijl

Sandra Pijl

Sandra Pijl

Sandra Pijl (Ma Prem Puja)
Founder & True Lover at Love Art Academy. As a Sensualista and Tantric teacher, she passionately guided many men and women to get into their fullness, heart & power of their masculine & feminine core. She showed them a way to an empowered and embodied life: spirited, fulfilling, intimate. She has been a Tantrika for over 17 years, worked as a holistic psychotherapist & counselor. She loves to deepen the Art of Loving and Conscious, Sacred and Energetic sexuality. With her rich experiences as a careful girl, wild woman and wise lady, she brings a Soulful & Soulsexy way to touch people with her high quality work and with her loving and sparkling personality.
Based on Ibiza and The Netherlands, she’s traveling and working all over the globe.
To see the lights get turned on in the eyes & bodies of men and women is what thrives her. Her gateway to divine peace and love.

I’m working in sessions with men and women who love to dive & develop deeper in their intimacy, sexuality and the dynamics with the other sex. Using methods for playing with polarity, inquiry, dearmouring, bodywork, creating space for deep embodied insights and inner shifts. I focus on bringing you back to where you feel deeply at home, to your power, to your wisdom & ease. Connecting you back to your core as man or woman and to your sexual base. A place we are so easily disconnected from. We go from consciousness to embodiement. Being able to embody the man or woman that you are on such level that you enjoy the divinity again, overcome drama, lack or pain from relationships, and rise up to higher conscious & tantric relating. So you can enjoy attraction and polarity which will empower you in all area’s of your live. Feeling fully alive, empowered, sexy, grounded. Both singles and couples welcome, together or individual.


Tantric 4-hands massage – Love Touch By Sandra Sandhya & Sandra Puja.

Sandhya&PujaSandhya and Puja will take you on a journey into the depth & beauty of real loving tantric touch. Healing, nourishing, deepening. Our hands are an invitation to become spacious and fluid, open and receiptive.. A festival like this can stirr up so so much. Goodness, difficulty.. Deepening and guiding the process and space you are in. Our work is both intense and gentle. A full body massage, both physical and energetic, from hair to toes. Hmmmmm…. A weaving, dancing, meditative way to bring back union, relaxation and stimulation. Letting full energy flow through the whole body again. Letting in love and nourishment on a deep level.. A tantric four hands massage brings you immediately into surrender. Into a state of mindlessness, receiving a full body relaxation and ecstasy. The mind can still control 2 hands moving on the body, trying to follow and stay ‘in a story’ and in control, just not able to fúlly dropping into letting go, into just being and trust. With 4 hands it’s impossible to control and it brings you straight to a divine state of bliss. In our session you can come to such a deep space, things that were blocked start to shift and melt. In a non-doing state for us and you. We tap in to the energy and how we can move it. With years of background in Tantra, massage, psychotherapy, bodywork, we know how to guide you and be fully present in what occurs and wants to open for you. Sandhya and Sandra Puja usually work together on the amazing island of Ibiza.

Happy to meet you in our Massage Temple.


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