Jade Wepener

Jade Wepener

Jade Wepener

Jade has always had a passion for dance, art, personal and spiritual development and all expressive forms of living, sharing and studying life. From early adolescence she sought out courses and practices to study life, movement, awareness, meditation and development. She first encountered Biodanza in 2000 and was instantly enchanted. It has been an integral part of her life ever since.

Jade’s background in in the arts, a painter, actress and performing artist, she graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a B.A. Dramatic Arts in 2005. She then completed the Biodanza Facilitators training and began facilitating in her home country, South Africa, until she and moved to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She later moved to Portugal where she facilitated a weekly group in Lisbon and worked in the School of Biodanza of Portugal. In 2010 she followed a pioneering instinct and moved to Israel to open the first weekly Biodanza group in the country. Jade currently facilitates 2 weekly groups in Tel Aviv as well as giving workshops around the country and internationally.

Also a didactic teacher, she trains and supervises the facilitators in training through the School of Biodanza Israel. In recent years Jade has discovered her aptitude for teaching in a more methodological way. This combined with her keen enthusiasm for the professional development of Biodanza Facilitators, has resulted in her giving ongoing classes and workshops specifically for facilitators of Biodanza. This work is mostly based on the course of Continued Learning for Facilitators, developed by Antonio Sarpe, one’s of Jade’s closest mentors and friends.

Since 2014 Jade has been travelling to Russia and together with a team of organisers and guest facilitators, she has once again followed a pioneering impulse to lay the foundations and launch the Biodanza movement in Russia. In June 2015 she will open and direct the first Biodanza School of Russia, in Moscow.

Jade also offers Biodanza for companies and organizations as well as Biodanza for children and adolescents.

Using her skills in group facilitation, movement and dance she also enjoys creating ceremonial sessions to mark special occasions. Birthdays, bachelorette parties and weddings are just some of the special occasions that can be celebrated in a more unconventional way, returning to the power of ritual to sanctify such occasions in a meaningful and memorable way.

Amongst her additional areas of interest, Jade is also a certified Reiki Master and Family Constellations Facilitator.

After more than 14 years of practice and experience of Biodanza it continues to be her primary passion, uniting her love for dance, creativity, ritual and connecting through group work.

“It is through Biodanza that I am able to quench my thirst for dance, to swim in the infinite well of joy, to feel the sacred touch of divinity and gently weave affective links in the web of humanity. Dance is my way to pray, to meditate, to celebrate! I wish to share this possibility with others, to continue to create and actively participate in the dance of life!”