Ohad Pelle Ezrahi

ETP – Empowerment Through Pleasure:

ETP is a sexual shamanic method for deep healing and reset of life experiences. It is developed by Pele Ohad Ezrahi and Dawn Cherie. The practice is done in groups of 3. Nudity and sexual touch are posible.

Energetic Penetrations:

the shamanic art of penetrating and being penetrated deeply without ANY physical touch. (no nudity, no touch.)

Cock Talk with flies on the wall:

How it is to grow up in a mail body. A rare place for men to share what we almost never share. the unheard of stories of men about their body and sexuality. Women are holding space like flies on the wall… (nudity. no sexual touch)

Buster Rådvik

Embodied Intimacy: Integrate your Belly, Genitals and Anus

Let the parts of your body you hide show you the way to unknown depths of aliveness and connection. With simple and effective partnered exercises we use breath, sound and touch to melt the prison walls around our most sacred areas of our body. As a result are more at ease in our own skin when naked and present with others. 69

Embodied Intimacy: In Motion – Move, Connect and Play

Move attuned to the wisdom of the body and have fun. An intimate improvisation that moves the participants through ecstatic tenderness and empowering wildness, innocent playfulness and heartfelt magic. Together weaving a Tantric field of embodied ecstasy and delightful presence.48

Embodied Intimacy: Oxytocin filled connection

Belly2Belly is a deceptively simple process designed to dissolve the experience of separate self into rhythmic waves of sensation shared with a partner in real time. The focus is on generating intimacy, emotional openness, & physical bonding in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. Reawaken your primal need for human connection. Trust your body and others. Reclaim your original innocence. Remember you are safe. 69



Dancing the 4 Elements: Practical/Experiential. No nudity. Bring: Yourselves. This class will help you get into your body and integrate all your parts, with expressive dances of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, individually, in pairs and in groups. The experience will begin with Rhythmic/Tribal Dances using music from Africa and Brazil, evolving into dancing the melody, soothing and harmonising with the elements of air and water.

The Pleasures of Dance, Movement and Contact. Experiential. No nudity. Nothing to bring. This class focuses on the joys of being alive and healthy and able to express ourselves through motion and emotion. Dances of freedom and vitality will be followed by a slowing down and merging through the sense of touch, both giving and receiving to reach states of ecstasy and bliss.

Dances of Celebration. Experiential. No nudity. Nothing to bring. To conclude the festival we shall honour our deep coming together as a tantric tribe by sharing a collective dance of joy, passion and celebration, encompassing all the colours and flavours we have touched into and co-created with our fellow travellers. Let’s get high on Life!


Crystal Ra & Michael

Release the past to include three hearts healing and create your desired future – 2,5 hours

Rituals, tools and interactive techniques, both practical and theoretical weaved with Hawaiian spiritual approaches to dissolve the patterns and connections from the past that influence our future. Learn how to reactivate a key factor in every relationship through the three hearts healing process. Comfortable clothes on. Bring a small stone for ritual.

Awakening, healing and activating your Inner Man and Woman – 2,5 hours

Theoretical and practical interactive session weaved with New Time Energy knowledge with guided meditations to reconnect with your inner family and reset the inner dynamics which influence your outer relationships. Through the movement, touch and affirmative words and processes we will get acquainted with our new best friends and allies. Comfortable clothes on.

From Hawaii Fairytales to reality – Formulas for happy relationships and abundance. Create relationships you desire and deserve – 2,5 hours

Sharing our personal journeys to find our kings and queens, the platforms required according to New Time Energies creating healthy and happy relationships feeding our mind, body and spirit. Theoretical and practical mapping from where you are to where you want to be. Clothes on. Bring paper and pen.

Alar Krautman

Workshop „The magic of the touch of massage“
Massage is an inspiration of touch that occurs while sensing other body. That perception is in all of us, in some of us its just blocked. For instance playfulness, making a free voice, expressing freely through dance doesn’t come so easily. When we are petting a dog or a cat, we are not afraid to „fail“ and that’s why some people like touching animals more. Also animals don’t repress their feelings. While touching someone, we have the possibility to perceive their deeper self, experience their journey.
I believe I can make you to see massage in a new light and develop that skill in every moment. Nobody has to be afraid that he/she doesn’t know how to do a massage. In this workshop we are all equal in some sense and everybody has something to learn.
Until the touch of the soul in midsummer…

Sauna – sweat lodge as the sacred place of nature people.

Our smoke sauna and Indian sweat lodge are sacred places. I can make a sacred journey to this ancient world, to meet yourself and someone else…
When coming to sauna, take some time for it, we’ll have a talk before going to sauna and also will do some clensing, without it it’s not allowed to enter the sauna. The whole process takes 3 hours, not all of that time is spent inside the sauna.
Take along your own towel what you can use also to lay on the grass. Don’t eat 2 hours before coming to sauna. If you are carrying some anger or frustration, let it dissolve – please follow that rule strictly.Before sauna don’t use any deodorant, parfume, creme, lipstick and so on, if its not 100% natural.
Be aware that the sweat lodge journey is not easy and usually we go out all together. So consider how good is your health and let know to the person who is responsible for the ritual, if you have any health risks. Before and during the sauna it is not allowed to use any alcohol or narcotics and please regard that sweat lodge is a sacred place. If you take any medication, ask advice. Come prepared to enter a deeper journey of mind and maybe  also overcome yourself.

Töötuba “Massaaži puudutuse maagia”.
Massaaž on puudutuse inspiratsioon, mis tekib tajudes teist keha. See taju on meis kõigis, osadel on see lihtsalt blokeerinud. Nt. mängulisus, vaba hääle tekitamine, vabalt enda tantsuline väljendamine jms. ei tule nii kergelt. Silitades koera või kassi ei karda me “läbi põruda” ja seetõttu meeldib osadele inimestele loomade puudutamine rohkem, loomad ei suru ka alla oma tundeid.
Puudutades inimest, on meil võimalus tajuda tema sügavamat olemust, kogeda tema teekonda.
Ma usun, et suudan Sind panna massaaži nägema uues valguses ja arendama seda oskust igas hetkes.
Töötoas ei pea keegi kartma, et ta ei oska massaaži, selles töötoas oleme mingis mõttes kõik võrdsed ja kõigil on midagi õppida.
Südasuvise hingepuudutuseni…

See you inside Mother Earth’s womb…
Saun- higitelk kui loodusrahvaste pühapaik.
Nii meie suitsusaun kui indiaani higitelk on pühad kohad. Saan koos Sinuga teha püha rännaku sellesse ürgsesse maailma, kohtumaks iseenda ja veel kellegagi…
Sauna tulles varu pisut aega, kõneleme enne sauna minekut ja teeme mõned puhastustoimingud. Ilma nendeta palume sauna mitte tulla. Varu selleks aega ca 3 tundi, see aeg ei kulu küll ainult higitelgis olemisele…
Võta kaasa lina/saunalina, millega võib vajadusel murul lamada. Ära söö 2 tundi enne sauna tulekut, kui kannad mingit vimma või pahameelt, siis lase palun kindlasti sellel lahtuda- palun sellest väga rangelt kinni pidada! Ära kasuta enne sauna tulekut ühtegi deodoranti, lõhna, kreemi, huulepulka vms, kui see pole 100% looduslik.
Ole teadlik, et saunarännak ei ole kerge ja sealt tavaliselt väljutakse kõik koos, seetõttu mõtle hästi läbi oma tervislik seisund ja anna teada rituaali läbiviijale oma tervislikust seisundist ja terviseriskidest. Enne sauna  ja sauna ajal ei ole lubatud kasutada alkoholi ega narkootilisi aineid, ning palun suhtuda higitelki ka muul moel kui pühasse paika. Ravimite kohta küsige nõu. Tule sinna ettevalmistatuna minekuks sügavale meelerännakule ja võib-olla ka eneseületusele.
Kohtumiseni Maaema üsas…


Tiit Trofimov

Laughing Drums

The drum has a special appeal – the reason is very deep rooted. You will have to understand it. When a child is conceived in the womb, the child grows, but the child cannot breathe, he has to breathe from the mother. In fact, the mother breathes for him. And for nine month continuously, he hears the beating of the mother’s heart – continuously. It is the first meeting with music and rhythm… And then the child is born. The whole body system, the mind system, carries that desire of beat, for the rhythm of the mother’s heart… Hence, from this deep biological experience of the child, comes the appeal of the drum.

The drum is the oldest instrument of music; everything else has followed it. So whenever somebody is beating a drum the temptation is too much – you start moving your legs, you start swaying your body. If the beater is good and really knows how to create atmosphere through the drumbeat, nobody can be there who is not affected. Even a Buddha would like to dance.

Come and dance to blissful being!

Olles ema kõhus raseduse ajal on esimene heli mida kuulma hakkame ema südame löögid. Sammuti on esimene teadaolev muusika heli trummide heli. Läbi tantsu ja trummide helina äratame jälle endas emaüsa tunde, turvalisuse, bioloogilised kogemused mida tundsime kõhus olles, sügava rahulolu ja hoituse tunde.

Tule ja tantsi end mõnusasse olemisse!