Baba Dez Nichols

Baba Dez is available for private sessions.
Schedule a private session or conversation with Baba Dez and/or one of his associates. Individual sessions are 1-3 hours at a sliding scale donation of $200-$300 ( £150- £220, €160-€240) per hour at the clients discretion, depending on your income and value received. If you would like a double session, working with a dakini and Baba Dez concurrently, the sliding scale donation is doubled per hour.
To book and schedule your sessions call the number below or contact the local city host


Lin Holmquist

During the festival Lin will offer individual tantric sessions or healing touch/ tantra massage. She is one of Swedens most known therapists in tantra and sexual healing and she works with opening your physical, mental and emotional blockages This might lead to a rising of the kundalini energy and a powerful awakening. You can work individual or as a couple to heal sexual trauma, connection issues, stress and low self asteem. This therapy is very powerful as it works on many levels of your being, revealing your patterns that leads to suffering and transforms them in to bliss.

Price for one hour is 100 € and preferably book between 1 1/2 – 2 hrs. You can contact her to book your sessions in advance. Email:

Matt Schwenteck
Sexual Empowerment Sessions: Playing on the orgasmic edge
A private session is a personal journey into sexual freedom, empowerment and liberation.
This is an opportunity for singles or couples, regardless of sexual orientation, to fully engage in their sexual and spiritual evolution and transform their lives inside and out.
Cost: 100 Euro/Hour; 90-180 min


Robyn Dalzen 

Sexual Empowerment Sessions: Express Yourself
A private sexual empowerment session is an invitation for you to find your true, authentic expression and to integrate all parts of yourself – mind and body, sex and spirit. This journey is about giving yourself permission to identify and value your desires, ask for what you want and receive more fully.
Cost: 100 Euro/hr; 90 – 120 min