Tuesday 04 July 2017

1REGISTRATIONTuesday04:00-08:00 PMInfo tent
2MEDITATIONTuesday05:00-06:00 PMSun tent
3OPENING RITUALTuesday06:00-07:30 PMSun tent
4DINNERTuesday07:30-09:00 PM
5LIVE MUSIC CONCERTTuesday09:00-10:30 PMSun tent
6Movie screening The Secret of TantraIgor Earthchild10:30-00:00 PMSun tent
7ALL NIGHT GONG CONCERT Tuesday00:00 PM - 06:30 AMLove Lounge

Wednesday 05 July 2017

1YOGA/MEDITATION Kristiina Saul07:30-08:30 AMSun tent
2BREAKFASTWednesday08:30-09:30 AM
3MORNING GATHERING/FAMILY SHARINGLin Holmqvist09:30-11.00 AMSun tent (200m2)
4WORKSHOP 1 - Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual ShamanismBaba Dez Nichols11:00 AM-01:00 PMSun tent (200m2)
5WORKSHOP 2 - Biodanza: Awakening ErosJade Wepener11:00 AM-01:00 PMMoon tent (100m2)
6WORKSHOP 3 - RitualsMirjam Hakkaja11:00 AM-01:00 PMLove Lounge
7LUNCH Wednesday01:00-02:30 PM
8FREE TIMEWednesday02:30-04:00 PM
9WORKSHOP 1 - Tantric Body de-armouring Andrew Barnes04:00-06:00 PMSun tent
10WORKSHOP 2 - The magic of the touch of massageAlar Krautman04:00-06:00 PMMoon tent
11WORKSHOP 3 - TantraDatePeep Õunapuu04:00-06:00 PMLove Lounge
12BIODANZA: Passion – Fuel for LifeJade Wepener06:00-07:30 PMSun tent
13 DINNERWednesday07:30-09:00 PM
14LIVE CONCERTPraful09:00-10:30 PMSun tent
15FIRE RITUAL / FIREWALKINGKristina Paśkevicius10:30-00:00 PM
16LOVE LOUNGE - Cuddle / Play PartyAndrew Barnes00:00 pm -01:00 AMLove Lounge
17LOVE LOUNGELiina & Einar01:00 pm -02:00 AMLove Lounge

Thursday 06 July 2017

1KUNDALINI SHAKTI YOGALin Holmqvist07:30-08:30 AMSun tent (200m2)
2BREAKFASTThursday08:30-09:30 AM
4WORKSHOP 1 - Extraordinary Life / Exploring our Divine Human PotentialBaba Dez Nichols11:00 AM-01:00 PMSun tent
5WORKSHOP 2 - Tantra dance – Meeting in connectionKristina Paśkevicius11:00 AM-01:00 PMMoon tent
6WORKSHOP 3 - Multiorgasmic BodyLin Holmqvist11:00 AM-01:00 PMLove Lounge
7LUNCH Thursday01:00-02:30 PM
8FREE TIMEThursday02:30-04:00 PM
9SAUNA - Sweat lodge as the sacred place of nature peopleAlar Krautman03:00-05:30 PM
10WORKSHOP 1 - The Art of TakingMatt Schwenteck04:00-06:00 PMSun tent
11WORKSHOP 2 - The Dance of the Masculine and FeminineJade Wepener04:00-06:00 PMMoon tent
12WORKSHOP 3 - Tantra, the desire for connectionPeep Õunapuu04:00-06:00 PMLove Lounge
13LIVE MUSIC CONCERT Evelyn Kanepi06:00-07:00 PMSun tent
14 DINNERThursday07:00-08:30 PM
15LIVE MUSIC CONCERT Praful09:00-10:30 PMSun tent
16LOVE LOUNGELiina & Einar11:00 pm -02:00 AMLove Lounge

Friday 07 July 2017

1MEDITATION/YOGA - Psoas ReleaseMatt Schwenteck07:30-08:30 AMSun tent (200m2)
2BREAKFASTFriday08:30-09:30 AM
4WORKSHOP 1 - Sex Magic – Manifesting your Deepest DesireBaba Dez Nichols11:00 AM-01:00 PMSun tent
5WORKSHOP 2 - Sacred Lovers: Tantric RelatingMatt Schwenteck11:00 AM-01:00 PMMoon tent
6WORKSHOP 3 - Kashmiri Tandava MassageEugene Hedlund11:00 AM-01:00 PMLove Lounge
7LUNCHFriday01:00-02:30 PM
8FREE TIMEFriday02:30-04:00 PM
9WORKSHOP 1 - Tantric Full Body Energy Orgasm – Fuel For LivingAndrew Barnes04:00-06:00 PMSun tent
10WORKSHOP 2 - How Tantra can enrich your love lifeJan and Caroline04:00-06:00 PMMoon tent
11WORKSHOP 3 - Yoni Healing Lin Holmqvist04:00-06:00 PMLove Lounge
12SHAMANIC DRUMMING JOURNEY Margus Sarmet06:00-07:00 PMSun tent
13 DINNERFriday07:00-08:30 PM
14 LIVE CONCERT Fia Forsström09:00-10:30 PMSun tent
15DANCE SHOW / OPEN CABARETIvo Naries10:30 PM - 00:00 AMSun tent
16LOVE LOUNGE - Temple NightLin Holmqvist00:00 AM - 02:00 AMLove Lounge

Saturday 08 July 2017

1MEDITATION - Laughing Drums / Hang drumTiit Trofimov07:30-08:30 AMSun tent (200m2)
2BREAKFASTSaturday08:30-09:30 AM
3MORNING GATHERING/FAMILY SHARINGJan and Caroline09:30-11.00 AMSun tent
4WORKSHOP 1 - Fully Integrated SpiritualityBaba Dez Nichols11:00 AM-01:00 PMSun tent
5WORKSHOP 2Andrew Barnes11:00 AM-01:00 PMMoon tent
6WORKSHOP 3 - TempleLin Holmqvist11:00 AM-01:00 PMLove Lounge
7LUNCHSaturday01:00-02:30 PM
8FREE TIMESaturday02:30-04:00 PM
9SAUNA - Sweat lodge as the sacred place of nature peopleAlar Krautman03:00-05:30 PM
10WORKSHOP 1 - Living as a Sexually Empowered BeingMatt Schwenteck04:00-06:00 PMSun tent
11WORKSHOP 2 - Making Love to GodEugene Hedlund04:00-06:00 PMMoon tent
12WORKSHOP 3 - Tantra: tandava and kashmir massageJan and Caroline04:00-06:00 PMLove Lounge
13LIVE MUSIC CONCERT: GongVilmar Schiff06:00-07:00 PMSun tent
14CACAO CEREMONY Andrew Barnes07:00-08:30 PMSun tent
15 DINNERSaturday08:30-09:30 PM
16ECSTATIC DANCE Ivo Naries10:00 PM - 00:00 AMSun tent
17LOVE LOUNGE - Erotic Play PartyMatt Schwenteck00:00 AM -02:00 AMLove Lounge

Sunday 09 July 2017

1MEDITATION/YOGAKristiina Saul07:30-08:30 AMSun tent
2BREAKFASTSunday08:30-09:30 AM
3CLOSING CEREMONY/SATSANG/DANCEEugene Hedlund11:00 AM-01.00 PMSun tent
4LUNCHSunday01:30-03:00 PM

Information will be updated. The organizers have the right to change the program at any stage.